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We know that technology is constantly changing and evolving, and as a society use technology to complete many of our daily tasks.  With this evolution of technology, how do we ensure our children are building necessary life skills to prepare them for adulthood?  HRMOM Melissa B. Griffin discusses this topic in a recent blog post “If our kids have time for HOURS of Snapchat or Instagram,” she asserts, “they have time to learn marketable skills on these same laptops and devices.” She believes that by helping them to build confidence in these versions of “adulating” they will experience less anxiety when they are expected to perform them on their own.  If we help our children, and ease them into these types of experiences and encourage them while they make their fumbling attempts, we can help them build confidence and prepare them for a time in their lives when they are on their own, in their first jobs, or living in their first apartments.

We’re sharing 5 Ways to Use Tech to Teach Life Skills

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