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With so many of us at home socially separated amid COVID19, who couldn’t use a few creative ways to keep the children learning and engaged, while also having fun?  Right now, many international art museums are offering free virtual tours of their galleries. Below you will find a downloadable activity sheet to keep the children interested while playing explorer through many of the world’s most famous art galleries.

  1. Find the Colors of the Rainbow
    Help your children navigate the search function,or if they’re a bit older, let them take the wheel and discover paintings around the globe that are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet

  2. Let’s Spell Your Name (you can play this by Title of Artwork, or by Artist)
    If you need a little help finding a letter Wikipedia pages are linked above) 
    Girl with a Pearl Earring (G), Romeo & Juliet (R )  American Gothic (A), Camille on the Beach (C) Earthenware Jug (E)

  3. Count to Ten!
    Find 10 paintings with the same theme (flowers, fruit, all start with the same letter, etc.)
    The options are endless for this game.  

  4. Art from Around the World
    Depending on the age of your children, you can create this simple or complex task.  You can search for art from specific regions (i.e. artists from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia) by regions (Southwest US, Midwest US, Eastern US etc.) or by period (Impressionist, Renaissance, Modernist, Romantics etc.). 

  5. Mini-Monet
    Handmade Pre-School has compiled a huge selection of FREE color by numbers of the most well-known pieces of art.  You can check it out here – after your “field trip” to the art museum, what a fun and interactive way to continue to learning experience!


 We’ve created an activity sheet featuring the activities mentioned in this blog post. 

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PDF icon You can download it here.


Check out how the Center for Child Well-Being team took their own virtual field trip for the Getty Art Challenge!   

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