Concerns regarding the Coronavirus

We have had questions regarding the conference in relation to the Coronavirus. At this time, ASU and the Center for Child Well-Being intend to move forward with the conference, with no plans to reschedule.  However, if an individual is unable to attend due to a medically diagnosed case of Coronavirus, a refund will be issued to the attendee, with a doctor's note.

Arizona State University faculty council was addressed yesterday by the Provost regarding the virus, and was assured that ASU is fully equipped to mitigate these kinds of incidences. The Univsersity has a pandemic commission and plans are in place should levels of the infected rise dramatically. 

We were advised to once again practice dilligence in preventing the spread of germs by washing our hands, avoiding touching our face after coming in hand-to-hand contact with other individuals, and practicing the same germ-prevention techniques we do with other colds and viruses, including staying home when we are sick, covering our mouths and noses when we sneeze and cough, and santizing areas once illness has been reported.

Refund Policy  

We want to give everyone an opportunity to participate in our conference.  Therefore, we have instituted the following refund policy: We will issue a full refund until February 28th.  From March 1st through March 31st, partial refunds will be issued. After April 1st, we will no longer be able to issue refunds.

Through February 28th:  Full Refund
Through March 31st:       Partial Refund
April 1st – April 20th:       No Refunds