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CIP 2022 Youth Engagement 

 The Center for Child Well Being’s 4th Annual Children of Incarcerated Parents National Conference will take place virtually on March 30th, April 6th, & 13th, 2022. This year’s theme - Leading the Future: Young People as Partners for Change – aims to focus on elevating the voices of children, youth, and families whose lives have been impacted by incarceration.  

To accomplish this objective, we will be creating an advisory group made up of young people who have lived experience with parental incarceration to provide insight on how to better engage, support, and encourage the involvement of youth and young adults in the conference.  

Our goal is to involve young people throughout the process of conference planning to assist with:

  • Agenda planning
  • Presenting/participating in discussion panels

  • Learning how to share your experiences, ideas, and become an advocate for yourself and others

  • Sharing ideas on potential sessions for young people that involve how to find their voice, further the CIP agenda, etc.

Advisory group members will share their ideas and expertise for how best to support other young people who have experienced parental incarceration. Responsibilities will include:

  • Meet by Zoom video (or phone) during the months of January to March.
  • Help create content for social media and CCWB website encouraging youth engagement in the conference.
  • Create tips for adults on how to work with and support young people with incarcerated parents (educators, social workers, law enforcement, courts, scholars, etc.).
  • Share ideas, wisdom, and insights on how to encourage other young people to learn how to share their stories and become advocates.

 Requirements to participate in the youth team include:

  • Must be between ages 13 and 25
  • Parental/Guardian permission required for young people under 18 years of age
  • Willing to give approximately 10 hours over the next 3-4 months to participate in meetings and preparation sessions
  • Open to applying their lived experience as expertise (not required to share your story)

 In addition, all young people will be compensated for their time ($25 gift card per workgroup and free attendance to the conference) and will receive training and assistance from a supportive adult to participate safely and effectively in the planning effort and conference participation. 

Minimum and Maximum Age Policy

As this is a virtual conference in which young people are invited to live online workshops with young people from around the globe, we have decided to set our minimum age for attendees at 13yrs. This decision reflects general policy set by the majority of social media platforms which have set their age restrictions as 13+; This age limit has been dictated by US law through the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Although we will be using Zoom as our conference platform and not using social media to communicate directly with the young people in workshops, some of their ideas might be shared (anonymously and with permission) through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote the 2022 CIP conference.

Furthermore, we will be asking the young people who attend to respect group confidentiality protocol and adhere to our youth group rules around inclusion and respect, as well engage as fully as possible in the discussions and activities. For all these reasons the minimum age of 13 has been set for this virtual conference. 

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