Explaining Pride Month to Your Children

Keep it simple. You can’t talk about LGBT Pride Month without first talking about what it means to be gay, bisexual, or transgender. This can be an easy discussion  that can be started with asking your children what they already know. This allows the opportunity to correct misinformation.  A great, simple explanation of what it means to be gay that satisfies most kids is something like, “when a man loves a man or when a woman loves a woman.”

Be honest. Your kids will have questions — and don’t be surprised if these questions are surprisingly deep or existential. If questions arise as to why the LGBTQ community has a Pride Month, honesty and simple answers tend to suffice. "This month happens to be LGBTQ Pride Month, which is when many people show in different ways, like in parades or in advertisements, that they are either proud of being gay or support the LGBTQ community.”

Be open. Let your kids know that they can keep coming back to you with any questions that pop up. Being open also means keeping the conversation going. The older your kids get, the heavier the messaging so it’s important to initiate check-ins in order to gauge what they know and what they are hearing from peers. At our house, we have found that the dinner table is a great place to discuss important issues.

Below is a brief video from British company Pop'N'Olly explaining the history of Pride Month


    We've also compiled a blog that featured 10 Books with LGBTQ Characters in honor of Pride Month, if you'd like to keep the conversation going with your children.  Also, be sure to visit our Pinterest for more ideas on celebrating, recognizing, and learning about Pride Month with your Children.