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Did you grow up with siblings?  While we may remember the squabbles, the pranks, and the push and pull of vying for our parents attention, research shows that having siblings as we grow and develop is actually very beneficial for many reasons, including teaching empathy and understanding, learning conflict resolution, as well as learning and sharpening our negotiation skills.  Our siblings are also our most enduring relationships throughout our lives. 

Dr. Teri Apter, author of The Sister Knot  discussed sibling connections with The Huffington Post, stating that, "siblings know you right through your soul as a result of sharing the same parents, same environment, same conditioning, same discipline and even the same disappointments."  If you have opposite sex siblings, they help hone the skills that will contribute to how you interact with partners and your spouse. 

"The impact of having a sibling is powerful and life long," Joshua Kirsh, editor of Fatherly discusses, "and they echo throughout our lives," including how we write our familial history, as well as having those storytellers to share in remembrances as we age. 

Are you looking to create some lasting sibling memories while we are spending extended stays at home? We have compiled a "Sibling Detective" game (linked below) which is a fun way for kids to spend  time getting to know one another!  We also have a list of other activities for siblings to do (even if they are spaced apart in age) that can get the whole family bonding and creating lasting memories.

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