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While we all do our part and stay home, sometimes you run out of ideas on how to keep kids entertained, engaged, and interested.  In honor of National Siblings Day, here are some games that siblings can play together, even if there is an age gap!

1. Sibling Detective :  have your children use PDF icon our activity guide to follow along and ask one another questions such as "Who is your favorite teacher?"  "What is your favorite color?"  On the back page of the activity guide is a guided set of questions that will allow each sibling to focus on the positive things they like and admire from their younger or older brothers or sisters.  

2.  Forts:  Is there anything better than building an indoor fort made of pillows and sheets, or an outdoor fort made from cardboard boxes or patio furniture cushions?  Having them collaborate and build it together allows the younger ones to learn from the older siblings, while also empowering the older siblings to take charge and learn how to delegate responsibility.

3. Toothpick Sculptures:  This comes from the blog The Artful Parent.  Take a box of toothpicks and a bowl of mini marshmallows and have your kids create to their hearts content.  

4. What's in the box:  This game will keep them laughing and engaged for hours.  The concept is simple, take any box you may have lying around the house (since most of us are sheltered in place, we probably have an Amazon box or two).  Each child gets their own box, decorates it, and then puts something inside the box that the other siblings will need to guess.  The siblings, either blindfolded or with their eyes closed, will reach into the box and try to discern what is contained within using only their sense of touch.   For a more in-depth explanation, check out 

5. The Tape Game: This game not only strengthens balance and coordination, but also will have them entertained and giggling!   Equip each sibling with a roll of painter's tape, duct tape, masking tape, or yarn (best if they're playing outside), and challenge them to create their own "masking tape obstacle course."  Once they have each created a course their sibling will need to traverse the lines without falling off.  If they fall off they have to start again at the beginning.   For more fun ideas on what you can do with a roll of painter's tape, check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration!

6. Kids vs Grown Ups:  No matter what game you play, whether it's hide and seek, soccer, kick ball, board games or card games, switching it up and playing kids versus parents encourages sibling bonding and team work.  So next time you're discussing what to do as a family, switch things up a bit and play a game of "us" versus "them"


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