Brianna's World

Can we find a way for human service specialists to practice home visits and assessments via their computers? 

Impact Instruction’s answer: 
WE CAN, in an immersive simulation created in collaboration with Filament Games and the Center for Games and Impact.


Brianna's World
Brianna's World


Welcome to Brianna’s World

In the game, players select an avatar and become immersed in a work situation where they are asked to make a family home visit. After consulting with their supervisor, the worker meets a single mother of three children, and her 15 year old daughter.

As the player interviews, observes, and take notes, they will:

  • identify as a professional 

  • apply ethical values and principles 

  • apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment

  • receive feedback on actions taken, inferences made and ethical dilemmas encountered

The game rewards player demonstrations of empathy, respect, and authenticity through the interactions. Best practices in the game are aligned with Council on Social Work Education competencies and the NASW Code of Ethics. 


Support for Trainers and Supervisors
The game comes with an Instructor Toolkit. The toolkit includes a guide and a separate dashboard where instructors can track player progress and provide feedback. 


The Results
Players get immediate feedback on real-world situations and decisions and can apply their learning to their daily work.

Click play to see a sneak peak of the game!


Briannas_World_Trailer1 from Center for Games and Impact on Vimeo.

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