Call for proposals

This year's theme for the 4th Annual Children of Incarcerated Parents Conference is:

Leading the Future: Young People as Partners for Change

Over the years we have held the national conference,our goals have been to create awareness, build collaboration, expand programming, and increase advocacy for children of incarcerated parents. This year, we advance these goals with a focus on elevating the voices of children, youth, and families whose lives have been impacted by incarceration.

In order to meet this year’s goal of action, we invite collaborative proposals for 45 to 60-minute presentations, workshops, or panels and we especially welcome proposals that incorporate youth voice and lived experience within three main session tracks:

Track 1:
Understanding the effects of incarceration on children, youth, their families, and caregivers

Learn directly from youth, programs, and organizations the tangible and intangible effects throughout the lifecycle of parental incarceration from the onset (e.g., at arrest), during incarceration (visits and family camp, parenting, communication), or at release and re-entry. We welcome collaborations between youth, community organizers, advocacy professionals, scholars, and program providers to provide a comprehensive view about the scope and impact of incarceration on young people and their families.  

Track 2:
Connecting children, youth, and families during and after incarceration

Explore ways to keep youth and families connected during incarceration and beyond. Identifying systems, interventions, promising practices, and/or resources that support youth, including but not limited to visiting, increasing accessible communication options, utilization of community organizations to bring and keep families together, and resource building.

Track 3:
Supporting and centering the voices and experiences of children and youth

Strategies to help prepare and support children, youth, parents, and caregivers to tell their stories, become advocates, conduct and participate in research, and share their unique perspectives to build upon current knowledge in the field. Centering the voices of children and youth also helps to provide a roadmap for how to organize coalitions, develop systems and resources, and discover ways to elevate the needs of those that are disproportionately affected by parental and familial incarceration.

Proposal Format:

Please prepare your proposal in the following format.

File Name:  LAST NAME _ Track _ Proposal Type  (ex. Smith_Any Track_Panel)

Please include your full name, with appropriate designations such as Doctor, Professor, etc., your title, institution, the names and titles of those who will present with you (if applicable), and a 100-200 word bio. Please also include the following:

  1. Preferred Format (presentation + Q&A, virtual round-table discussion, etc.)
  2. Engagement Strategies for the Virtual Space
  3. Learning Objectives (Please provide up to 3)

Word Count

We suggest a 200 - 500 word description.  Please be sure to be as specific as possible as to what your presentation seeks to teach/inform, as well as the evidence to support your results. 

Selection Process

Proposals are reviewed and selected by a committee to ensure the conference offers a comprehensive and diverse program.  You may be invited to present in a format or track other than the one you specified.


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Key Dates

Proposal Deadline: Friday, January 28th, 2022